TV Channel Category: Movies
Broadcast format: Satellite
Schedule: Round-the-clock
Channel Language: Russian
Official site channel NST: strashnoe.tv
Real channel name: НСТ
TV channel description Russian TV channel for fans of the films and series in the genre of mystery, horror and thrillers. The full name of the channel "nst" - "Real Scary TV". The channel clock being shown on the world's best Russian films from famous Directors. In the air, "nst" are often held repeated sessions of cult films such as "Nightmare on elm street", "destination", "Friday the 13th".

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*** TV program guide «NST» channel for today - 31 March

  • 06:10
    Блэйд 2
  • 08:05
    Блэйд 3: Троица
  • 09:55
    Рука дьявола
  • 11:15
  • 13:10
    Блэйд 2
  • 15:05
    Блэйд 3: Троица
  • 16:55
    Рука дьявола
  • 18:15
    Апокалипсис. Дорога во тьму
  • 20:10
    Поворот не туда
  • 21:30
    Поворот не туда: Наследие
  • 23:20
    Дорога хаоса
  • 00:30
    Апокалипсис. Дорога во тьму
  • 02:25
    Поворот не туда
  • 03:45
    Поворот не туда: Наследие

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