For rights holders of TV channels

Resource is not aimed at violation, whose or copyright and dignity.

The website does not produce its own video stream broadcasts of TV channels and does not relay to other networks. Audio and video broadcasting of Russian TV channels (hereinafter Media content) available on the resource page are exploratory in nature to users of the site. In the description of the TV, satellite or cable channel specifies the address of the official website of the channel to which the user can navigate on their own.

The source of the media content are open resources of the global Internet. For playback using Flash and HTML5 player Uppod (

In the stream of media content that is not subject to any changes and not embedded media products or contextual advertising.

If You are rightholder of the broadcasting channel and have a complaint about the broadcast media content on the website please e-mail putting their demands. At Your request, the resource Manager will remove or edit the posted media content in the shortest time.