Russkij illyuzion

TV Channel Category: Movies
Broadcast format: Satellite
Schedule: Round-the-clock
Channel Language: Russian
Official site Russian illusion TV:
Real channel name: Русский иллюзион
TV channel description Family movie channel showing the Russian and Soviet films. For many years the TV channel "Russkij illyuzion" translates best movie masterpieces of the national cinema. Fans of the channel call it the "mirror of the Russian soul", for the special atmosphere on the "Russian Illusion" TV, which embodies the whole essence of the Russian mentality (warmth, hospitality, friendliness and so on).

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*** TV program guide «Russkij illyuzion» channel for today - 6 December

  • 05:10
    Два плюс два
  • 08:20
    Когда его совсем не ждешь
  • 11:20
  • 14:45
  • 18:00
    Вчера. Сегодня. Навсегда...
  • 21:25
    Сводные сестры
  • 23:20
    Бестселлер по любви
  • 01:05
    Девушка с персиками
  • 04:15

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